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Below is a sample of what some of our customers from around the world have had to say about our file recovery tool, Media Investigator.

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"Media Investigator worked where other programs failed including data recovery software like RStudio, GetDataBack, CNW,Stellar and more

Nice product ... thank you

David F

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"You're software recovered all of my deleted MTS vids! I've watched several of them and they appear to be intact. I can't believe it, I thought I would never get them back. I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I am to have gotten these family videos and memories back.

Your kind and courteous service and follow up are tremendously appreciated, thank you very much!!!"

Matt Riello - Branchburg, NJ, USA

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"I got all my 22 video files back thanks to you and your company.

I had accidently formatted one of my camcorder disc with video from our vacation in Puerto Rico last Nov. Thank you very much for your help. I have been trying to recover this disc for the last 5 months.

I had tried at least 6 different other companies with so called recovery software that never worked and were overpriced. Your company was very good to work with and most of all the software worked to get my files back.

Thanks again!"

Pat Allen - Georgetown, TX, USA

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"Recently I bought a Sony HDR-XR550V with 240GB HD and then I took a long vdeo in the engagement ceremony of one of my close friends as the only person, i.e. no other copies of the ceremony. Then I connected the handycam to an external HD then all my video and photo files were disappeared all of a sudden. You can guess what I felt under the presure of the responsibility takenover. I delivered my SONY handcam to an authorised SONY technical representative in Turkey and after 2 days they stated that they could not recover the files. I had an investigation on Internet and I saw your solution. I downloaded the investigation version and tried it. It found out all deleted files. Then I promptly bought the full version without any doubt. Now I have all the files deleted in my hand and all recovered. I really would like to thank you for your solution and it is worth to each penny that I paid."

Bulent B. - Turkey

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"I am not a professional videographer, but I got taped to recorder my cousin's entire wedding. I came home, viewed the video, then DELETED IT by mistake. Your program helped me recover the video! Don't know what I do without this program... a real life-saver!"

Renee H. - Martinsburg, WV, USA

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"Hello your recovery softwear worked very well. The Lexar recovery 4 program i bought would not find my MT2 or AVCHD files. YOUR'S did."

R.L. - Fresno, CA, USA

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"When all other recovery programs failed and a file recovery company quoted me $500, Media Investigator worked wonders. The price is unbeatable. I can't thank you enough. Will be recommending to anyone who needs a file recovery program."

Chris N. - Miami, FL, USA

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"I haven't gone through all the files, but enough to know that many if not most of the files where recovered. At least the crucial ones (Christmas morning, Thanksgiving dinner, etc) are playing well, and I am thrilled! They show an occasional frame from even earlier deleted files, but usually right at the end and not overlapping.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and sticking with me through this! After your last e-mail, I had just about given up; and now I am so excited! Can't wait to go through all the files.

Again, thanks again for everything, and I will be spreading the praises of Media Investigator and your support team to everyone I can think of!"

Nanette K - Waxahachie, TX, USA

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"I have tried about 7 different programs, and one out of seven recovered my video files, but split them into small pieces, clips 15 seconds long, and the rest found nothing. So I am very happy that I have found your program, and very thankful that you have created a state of the art recovery software. Keep it up! You should publish in scientific journals, and get government or public funding."

S. Bellaousov - Rochester, NY, USA

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"I tried pretty much every program recommended by friends and Tucows to recover some photos off my corrupt SD card. None worked expect Media Investigator. I'm extremely happy to say it found all my missing pictures."

Carlos N - North Riverside, IL, USA

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"Thank you for providing this service at such a reasonable fee."

Robert M - Warren, MI, USA

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"I was thrilled to recover all my photos and at such a low cost. I had gotten an estimate from another place and they quoted a $200.00 price. I got the information about your company from a New York Times article I was reading online yesterday. I called three friends immediately after I got my photos back to let them know about this service and how easy and cheap it was. It's fantastic! Thanks."

Susan H - Urumqi, China

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"Thanks for the voucher. It worked. I am so relieved that these pictures were recovered from the dismal depths of deletion. I can't thank you enough for making this possible. Have a champion day."

Mark M - Olympia, Washington, USA

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"Thanks for a great product that saved my day!"

Jennifer L - Florida, USA

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"Media Investigator was a real life saver because I was taking a bunch of photos at our National User Conference and the card/notebook download had "errored out" on my manager's laptop and had somehow deleted all of my photos - well over 150 photos! My stomach did not feel well after that discovery! I was able to recover almost all of my photos thanks to Media Invetsigator. Thanks a bunch!"

Lori - Rochester, MN, USA

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"Your program worked great. I just followed the instructions and recovered 51 pictures off my smartmedia card. I was the "HERO". Thanks for the help."

Brian B - Albert Lea, MN, USA

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"WOW!!! What a fantastic service to offer at such a generous price. It worked just as you said it would. I will spread the word. Many thanks."

John K - Dublin, Ireland

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"Thank you for the outstanding customer service and simple, successful recovery tool. Will recommend you to any friends or family who may need to recover files."

Pat C - Pacifica, CA, USA

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"I don't know how, but Media Investigator even found some pictures that were deleted four years ago that I thought were lost. You have a winning product on your hands and wonderful customer support, and I will be sure to bookmark your site for future screw ups by my fingers. Thanks a lot."

Sean M - Omaha, NE, USA

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"Thanks for the great service. I accidentally formatted my daughter's college graduation pics but managed to rescue the day's photos with your great file recovery programme. The first file recovery tool I found cost over $60 which made me think I was looking at a very expensive remedy. I was so pleased to find your site. Thanks again."

Sue C - Kent, United Kingdom

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"I cannot believe the wonderful customer service I have received from your company. The next time I am in a similar bind, I will be using your software!"

Sheri S - Portland, OR, USA

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"You are a life saver! I can't thank you enough. These were old family photos which we thought were gone forever.... My family is just jumping for joy! Thank you! Thank you! If the tears falling on my keyboard kill my computer, I don't care. It's worth it!"

Cherie R - Columbus, GA, USA

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"The directions were very clear - the whole process is actually very well laid out for the novice like me -- I couldn't be more pleased. All 300+ pictures recovered! We learned of Data Recovery Systems from an article in the New York Times we read while between planes returning home from our vacation in Ireland where my husband accidentally reformatted the disk in his brand-new-for-this-trip camera. You truly are my hero for helping me recover some of the prettiest pictures we've ever taken.

Thank you again for taking the time to offer personalized support - it's sincerely appreciated."

Patricia B - Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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"Imagine my daughter's heartbreak when we lost all the digital pictures taken of her brand new baby during a repair of Windows XP which formatted my hard drive to re-install some missing drivers. We had a few pictures printed off & put in frames but most were completly gone. We found Media Investigator by searching the internet for file recovery software and thanks to it, we recovered approximately 210 photos. Thank you for the assistance in recovering some very important memories for our family.

P.S. The computer tech I took my PC in to said with out a doubt, all our photos were LOST FOREVER.... He then handed the computer back to me & said he couldn't help."

Denise M - Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

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"Your Media Recovery software is absolutely fantastic -- it succeeded where every other file recovery program that I tried failed (and, believe me, I tried many). Although some of my photos were corrupted (not the fault of the software), it recovered ALL of them from a defective Memory Stick. Your price is unbelievable and your customer service first-rate. Thanks for such a great product!"

Ray R - Davis, California, USA

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"Thank you so much for helping retrieve my photos. I was afraid they were lost forever. I had taken a few hundred photos at a wedding I attended. I really needed these pictures. Thank you again. I will surely tell my friends about your company if they ever have a problem like this."

Naseem C - Brooklyn, NY, USA

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"I lost the USB cord to my new camera. Went all over town and searched online for a replacement but no luck... A friend offered to share her card reader to download the 628 pictures trapped on my camera. When we put the card in some how all the pictures were wiped out? Lost? That was 2 trips to Mexico, birthday parties, and many more memories that could not be re-created. Thank goodness I found Media Investigator!! Tech support was awesome (thanks Jay)! Very easy process and well worth every penny. All 628 pictures were recovered!! Thank you Data Recovery Systems!!!"

Sara N - Houston, TX, USA

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"You probably can imagine my dismay when I went to send in a report for a job 30 miles away, only to realize that I had inadvertently deleted the job photos the previous evening. The thought of driving 60 miles to take the same photos made my stomach churn. Digital File Recovery made it easy to recover the deleted files and continue on with my day only slightly delayed. Thank you."

Gordon Fiddes, President, Image Restoration, Inc. - Portland, OR, USA

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"You guys are wonderful!!! I thought I had lost the photos of my grandson being born which I could never replace. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. The ease of operation of Media Investigator is outstanding - just click 'n go. It's self explanatory, so easy a child could do it and what I love most is seeing what you can recover before you pay. Once again, thank you ever so much for your file recovery program and help. I will definitely give you guys an A+ review on all the sites you have your program at."

Tracey M - Marysville, CA, USA

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"Your site is a life saver! I accidentally formatted 250 pictures on my camera from Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day!!! I had taken pictures of my husband with his 98 year old grandmother and thought I had lost all of my holiday photos - I was close to tears! I Googled how to retrieve lost photos, saw your site and decided to give Media Investigator a try. It was very easy and low in cost, and it only took a few minutes and there were my photos!!! You don't know how happy and relieved I was to see them. I saved them to my computer and my flash drive. I have learned a valuable lesson... ALWAYS BACKUP!!! I will wholeheartedly recommend your site to everyone. I didn't know you could retrieve deleted or formatted photos and I bet a lot of people think the same thing. Thanks again."

Laura L - Chicago, IL, USA

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"Thank you!!!!! Your software saved my video. My son is 12 and it was a video of him getting his 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. You saved the day!!!!!!! Another recovery company that was recommended told me it would cost close to US$1600 if they could recover them and US$500 if they couldn't and that included a discount."

Korey B - Home Glen, IL, USA

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"Simply put, your program is the best thing since sliced bread! I spent half the night and most of the morning (and afternoon) kicking myself for deleting my photo and video files from an important conference. This software's the best money I've spent in a long time! Cheers!"

C.A. deGregory - Nashville, TN, USA

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"My son lost 500 pictures from his class trip. He cried for 30 minutes. I just recovered them with your data recovery software. I am a hero this morning thanks to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

John P - Milford, CT, USA

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"I accidentally deleted over 200 very important pictures and was completely bummed out. I did a web search and your product came up. I downloaded and installed the file recovery program and was able to fully recover the files. You saved me a lot of grief. It was well worth the price!"

Martin P - Elmwood Park, IL, USA

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"Words cannot express how grateful I am that you could restore the pictures of my son's military going away ceremony! He left for Iraq and these pictures were deleted by accident. I was heartbroken as these were the last pictures I had of my son. I will spread the word about your service. Thank you for making an army mothers day brighter!"

Denise G - Bixby, OK, USA

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"Just wanted to say how great your site is, I lost approx. 400 photos from my wedding/honeymoon. Fortunately I was recommended your site, and, although I'm a bit slow with todays technology, I was able to get them all back at a fraction of the cost anywhere else would have charged. All in all a great site, thank you guys so much, the best wedding present I could have had."

Ross D - London, UK

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"Thank you so much for saving my vacation photos. I am usually overly cautious about preserving my photos, but this time I thought the photos had been downloaded and saved and deleted them from the photo chip.

I thought I would have to call the FBI to recover them (they seem to be able to do that on the TV programs), but I found your listing on a search for restoring files.

The free software that identifies the data that can be recovered was easy to use. The process that restored the data was fast and efficient.

I will mention to all my fiends that there is an easy way to recover data that they thought was lost."

Dona P - Los Angeles, CA, USA

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"Dear sirs:

I recently had a horrible experience with my computer system. To make a long story short, I downloaded my images from a recent and very important event. Since I do an event every weekend, I failed to check on the status of the download. When I went to edit the images 5 days later, I realized I only had 300 of the 500 images!

Since that event I had shot another wedding. The card used for the first event had been formatted and re-used! I was in total agony over the thought if having to refund any monies, not to mention my business reputation with these particular clients. I lost about two night's sleep and probably 10 years of my life in those two days, worrying about how I was going to explain that I was missing 200 pictures from their event.

I had read in one of the many photography magazines about file recovery and decided to give it a shot. Being the natural skeptic I am, I decided to go with something less expensive to start, and then maybe move to something higher if the first didn't work. The whole time I was thinking, "If these guys don't work, what if they mess up the card even worse?!?!" I proceeded against my fears. I bought a new media card reader, downloaded your program, inserted my card, and pressed the button.

The feelings that followed were a slight combination of tears and amazement. I watched as not only the recent wedding was recovered, but there they were....all the rest of my missing pictures from the previous event! My reaction reminded me of that mad scientist that makes a recent discovery...running my fingers nervously through my tassled hair, grinning and giggling uncontrollably, tears in my eyes, and wishing someone could be there so that I can announce that I had gotten the "lost" images back!

I sincerely thank you, and all your staff. Whoever wrote the program did a superb job. And to offer it at such a rock-bottom price is beyond me. You saved me thou$$ands!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ruben Rodriguez, Momentos PhotoVideo - Odessa, TX, USA

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"We lost over 200 of our vacation pictures on our SD camera card.

I tried a free version of file recovery software first without success and with some further searching I found your product. It is second to none in my opinion! It is simple to use and very effective. Although I do not look forward to having to recover files in the future I will certainly not hesitate to use your service if needed. Thank you for providing a great product with a reasonable price and for helping us keep our memories of our vacation."

Robert V - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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"You program is awesome. Thank you so much. I had already paid for and tried another program which did not work. Your program recovered everyone of my photos and videos that were deleted from my 1st ever trip to Vegas."

Shane R - Austin, TX, USA

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"Success at last!!

I followed your instructions and all my files were saved successfully. I now have all the pictures and video clips I lost due to a corrupt memory card. Your program is excellent! I tried a demo of a few others but none could recover my damaged files. I will be recommending your progam to everyone. Thanks again for you help and support."

Patricia C - Ballivor, County Meath, Ireland

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"Many thanks for your help, what a superb program. I have recovered all of the video files which were deleted from my camera. I will definitely be recommending Media Investigator to all and sundry."

Sid H - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

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"You fixed my problem so fast it was unbelievable!

Our 6-year old son got a hold of the camera and deleted all of our pictures on the last day of vacation. We punished him severely, but that didn't bring our pictures back. He was just as sad as we were that we had lost almost 100 pictures from our week at the beach. The pictures were going to be our lasting memory of the best vacation ever.

When we downloaded your software and did the free scan, we saw all the pictures pop up. It was unbelievable. My wife and I were like a couple of kids on Christmas morning. I was actually nervous as I entered my credit card information that I might hit a wrong key and mess it up.

You returned to us what was priceless and charged us hardly anything at all.

Thank you! Thank you! We are thrilled!"

Jack & Lynlee S - Loudon, Tennessee, USA

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"Wow, this was like magic!

The software was able to see the MTS files and recovered them! I hope this can help other users like me with AVCHD cameras. After trying almost 10 other programs, this one really rocks and is the only one that could recover my files!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My best regards,"

Sergio Richiden - Rio de Janario, Brazil

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"BRILLIANT... FANTASTIC... AWESOME!!! I spent countless hours trying to recover some photo's with other software's not one of them were able to recover the photo's that I so badly wanted recover and so quickly and cheaply too!! I would Highly recommend this program!

Thanks Guys :))"

Andrea B- Toronto, ON, Canada

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"Just wanted to say thank you AND I like the way you do business. I would have never purchased your recovery system had I not been ensured there was something to recover! I took some pictures last night of my daughter and her husband who are due to have a baby any second. They were cherished photos and there was no way to recapture the moment. It was our last time together before she gives birth. Somehow I deleted ALL the pictures I took. I was almost in tears. I tried one system before I found yours and there was no luck there obviously. It said it couldn't be done. Well, I thought I'd give yours a try and it recovered all the photographs in a matter of a few minutes and I still have dial-up access! I am SO pleased. Talk about well worth the money! How often do we REALLY feel like we get what we pay for! Well, this time I MORE than did. THANKS AGAIN!"

Sallie B - Reno, Nevada, USA

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"I've formatted AVCHD Cam's internal memory by mistake, I was almost panic at that time.

I tried tons of major softwares to recover priceless movies, most greatest moments of my family, but only Media Investigator worked for AVCHD (.MTS) media.

Although recovered file was not in 100% fine condition, I worked around littie bit and then finally most of files are recovered!!
Words cannot express how I feel right now. Just want to say, Thank you!"

Sungyong K - Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

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"Media Investigator found all of my original AVCHD files. Yesterday evening I converted all the AVCHD files to MPEG2 files so I could edit them and create DVD's. Media Investigator's file recovery has turned out to be the BEST Christmas present EVER!!!!

I just finished combining and editing the clips for my son's graduation ceremony where he was the salutatorian and gave the welcome address. This evening I'll be burning the DVD for all his classmates. From the day my hard drive 'crashed' in July until yesterday, Christmas Eve, there looked to be little hope this video would ever be seen. I cannot possibly tell you how happy this has made me... You have succeeded in ending 5 months of frustration and anxiety.

Please know that you have given me something TRULY special and priceless.


Wayne G - Hoyleton, IL, USA

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"Your program saved my daughters life...

My 10 yr. old daughter deleted the pictures of her brothers 2nd birthday. My son is disabled and does not eat table food, on his 2nd birthday he ate some iceing off the cake for the first time this was a huge day for him and myself as well. When my daughter deleted these pictures I really thought I would never see these pictures again.

I purchased another program and after 14 hours it still had not recovered my pics so I canceled it. I found your program I love that before I put my money out there it shows me that the pics are there waiting for me. It recovered over 3000 pictures and vidoes most of which I already had however it DID recover the precious few I did not have.

You have transformed me from a sad mother to proud mother. Thank you from the "top of my toes to the top of my head"

Lynn S. Noblesville - Indiana, USA

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"Thank you for providing such an affordable & easy to use service for the public. I was amazed when my deleted vacation photos were recovered and then only paying after seeing the results! In these hard times, it's nice to know that some things can still be worthwhile & affordable in the business world. I wish you much success in your endeavors."

Leah Bolling. Richmond, VA, USA

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