Downloading the FULL version of Media Investigator

The download will automatically start within 3 seconds. If not, please click the Start Download button to manually download.

Media Investigator is very powerful (recovering hundreds of different file types) and easy-to-use.

*** IMPORTANT *** Save Media Investigator to a drive other than the drive where you've lost your files to maximise the number of recoverable files found.

After installing Media Investigator, simply go to your computer's Desktop or Start menu and click the Media Investigator icon to begin recovering your lost pictures, movies, music and other files.

If you get a warning message about a lack of code signing certificate / the publisher being unknown, please be aware you can ignore the message. By downloading the latest version from our site (which you are from this page), you are safe and rest assured the version of Media Investigator is from us.

Please note that Media Investigator is completely free from January 26, 2017.


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